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Pairing inventory items, too easy, or too hard?

April 8, 2010

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  1. Hello, I bought extras, but nothing seemed to change.
    What do extras change in the game ?

    • Hey there’s some features that get unlocked, but its kinda behind the scenes due to the randomness of the game each time. But I’m going to update the app soon, and that’ll strip away some of the existing features in the free version.

      Thanks by the way!

  2. Gary permalink

    iPhone Version Please!

  3. Brad permalink

    Yeah i was just wondering how i can transfer my purchase from my old ipad to my new one. it says i have to purchase it again where i have already done it. Any help would be appreciated!

    • If its an in-app purchase it might warn you about buying it again, but then tell you you’ve already bought it and you weren’t charged. From my experience thats always the case. Apple doesn’t recharge you for stuff you’ve already bought. So long as its under the same account

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